What is hypnobirthing?

Don’t worry hypnosis does not mean you are put under any uncontrollable trance! All of the hypnosis techniques that we use are ‘self hypnosis’ and you are aware of what you are doing at all times.

It is a logical and comprehensive antenatal programme that teaches you to understand the physiology of birth. You will learn about how having a relaxed and positive state of mind around birth, will have a physical effect on your body, helping it to work with the natural process of birth. We will discuss any fears or anxieties you have and replace it with calm, confidence and excitement. 

When you are calm and relaxed during your labour and birth, you produce more of the birthing hormone oxytocin (which creates the contractions/surges of your uterus) and less adrenaline, which is released when you are feeling scared, observed or in danger. 

The problem is your body won’t produce the optimal amount of oxytocin, if your body is releasing adrenaline due to fear. This can make labours slow or stop and increase the need for medical intervention. Being calm and relaxed helps to make your birth as comfortable, quick and positive as it can possibly be. 

Through practising positive affirmations, visualisation, hypnosis anchors, listening to your hypnobirthing MP3s, using breathing techniques, aromatherapy and massage and practising active birth positions you will learn how to fill up your subconscious mind with positivity so that you can naturally be calm, relaxed and positive during your pregnancy and birth. Your birth partner will learn how to support you in labour, be your advocate for your choices and know what to do to help you on the big day, team work makes the dream work! 

Hypnobirthing teaches you how to let go of the fear, trust yourself, embrace the excitement and feel prepared for birth.

As a midwife and antenatal education teacher, I have supported hundreds of women with breathing, relaxation, active birth and hypnosis techniques to encourage the process of birth to be as easy and straightforward as possible. Learning how to be free of fear and tension, encourages your body to birth your baby as it is naturally designed to do. 

However sometimes medical assistance is needed and is a positive sensible choice. We will also discuss how you can use your hypnobirthing techniques to feel calm and in control during any type of birth experience. 

The course fully prepares your birth partner for their role during your labour too. They are one of the most important people at your birth and their job is to make you feel comfortable, safe and secure. Attending a course teaches them how to be your advocate, support you with hypnosis and active birth techniques, massage and aromatherapy but also importantly how to provide emotional strength and encouragement during labour.