Client reviews

Cheryl came to us for one to one Hypnobirthing training at our home recently and my husband and I were both so impressed with her level of knowledge. Cheryl instantly made us feel calmer and at ease, addressing any questions we had about labour and beyond. Cheryl was extremely knowledgable in terms of Hypnobirthing and because she’s an active midwife and Mummy herself....  and for that reason she was able to dispel any myths or irrational fears with ease- making us really think about how we can best achieve the labour we want for our baby’s entrance to the world. Cheryl also bought with her a lovely, generous bag of goodies for us so we had all we needed to get on and practice what we were taught during the sessions - lovely oils, candles, scripts, a book and affirmation cards etc. I would not hesitate to recommend Cheryl to other parents to be. We were seriously impressed and Cheryl really went beyond to ensure we had a good experience and felt at ease. We are so excited and now, thanks to Cheryl, lots more confident about the birth of our baby. - Hayley & Jim.

Hi Cheryl, Meet Leo who arrived yesterday at 8.40am weighing 7lb 1oz. Unfortunately he didn’t arrive naturally and a few complications meant we needed to be induced at 42 weeks. He arrived in 5 hour, all I used was a tens machine and we couldn’t have done it without your course! Thank you so much for everything you taught us! X - Adele & Mark 

Just a quick note to say that Victoria gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Sunday weighing 8lbs 1oz.

The hypnobirthing was a huge part of her labour... when we got to hospital to be assessed she was at 9cm. Victoria genuinely thought she’d be sent home as she didn't think she was that far along. It came as a bit of a shock as the pain didn't seem that bad... I know the breathing and recordings we made following your session were instrumental in the calm and peaceful progression of her labour.

Once again thank you so much for everything, we will definitely be recommending you and Hypnobirthing to anyone!!! - Jonathan & Tori

‘The hypnobirth school has been a great way to prepare for the birth of my first child. Cheryl has been amazing teaching the course and as a support during pregnancy. She is approachable, engaging and whatever I am worried about I always feel at ease with Cheryl.

I am much more confident about giving birth naturally and I am looking forward to giving birth at home, rather than going to a hospital. The techniques that I’ve learned have really helped me to relax. Attending the hypnobirth classes and weekly relaxation classes with Cheryl has changed my outlook on having a birth at home. 

Attending the weekly relaxation classes, which you can go to without the main course, has really helped me to practice and prepare for birth. I have been practicing at home, but the classes have been a good way to meet other mums-to-be and to get more information about giving birth. 

Thank you so much to the hypnobirth school and I cannot recommend the hypnobirth course highly enough’. - Laura

‘I cannot recommend highly enough the hypnobirth school . As a father-to-be the course, and Cheryl, have been invaluable for me. My wife and I are having our first child and we really didn’t know what to expect. If like me, you think that the birthing process means rushing to hospital and having doctors and midwives delivering your child then this course will help you. Now, I am looking forward to playing a huge role in supporting my wife to have a calm birth. 

We’ve learned so much from Cheryl to feel informed, confident and, dare I say it, prepared! I am sure that you can find out about hypnobirthing in any number of ways but you cannot get better than learning from an until recently a practicing midwife. 

The hypnobirth school has been so valuable to my wife and to me’. - Paul

‘Cheryl has the sort of calming, positive energy that every woman needs to surround herself with during pregnancy! I have been attending her relaxation classes in the lead up to my baby's arrival, and always come away with a clearer mind, having silenced the noise of pregnancy niggles and pre-birth stresses. With her years of experience as a midwife, she's more than happy to impart her pearls of wisdom too, without being in the slightest bit imposing, which is a great bonus. Every pregnant woman needs to take some time out for herself and Cheryl's classes are a fantastic opportunity to do just that. Highly recommend’. - Rachel

‘After researching Hypno-birthing classes in the local area they all were franchise based which made me a bit sketchy about the knowledge base of the person leading the sessions. I came across Cheryl on Facebook and started to attend her relaxation classes. Cheryl was very friendly and approachable from day one and really put me at ease. My husband and I both attended the hypno-birthing classes and her knowledge and passion for a natural birth was apparent. She has really helped us prepare for the new addition in our family and we both now look forward to the birth with excitement rather than the nerves we had previously. I cannot thank you Cheryl enough for the support and guidance throughout my pregnancy and I would strongly recommend her class to anyone who is wanting to be at ease with a natural birth’. - Charlene & Hais

I’ve been going to Cheryl’s relaxation class  for about 7-8 weeks, and look forward to it every week. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and have had numerous health issues during this pregnancy, and have been advised to have a more medicalised hospital birth, which I was trying avoid. With all the stress of twice weekly hospital visits, extra scans, consultant appointments etc I was finding it very hard to relax and feel positive about the rest of pregnancy and delivery. With the help of Cheryl I now feel so much more excited and calm, I’ve learn techniques to manage my own stress and anxieties surrounding birth and I am now enjoying my pregnancy more. I can’t thank Cheryl enough and have been recommending the classes to all my friends‘‘. - Jodie 

This is my 1st baby and I literally had no idea what I was doing and what to expect, Cheryl’s classes helped me so much, she is so calm and positive and supportive which gave me so much confidence the whole way through my pregnancy. Cheryl’s sessions are informative and make you feel reassured. Thank you so much for your continued support even after the birth of Brody xxx - Hannah & Darren

I was attending Cheryl’s weekly relaxation classes and I feel they helped me not only on that day to relax, as I am a very anxious person but they also gave me the tools for my birth. I really wanted a natural birth with limited intervention, and that’s what I got! With just the help of a TENS machine and gas and air, so I was so pleased with this and that’s all thanks to the advice and practice I got with Cheryl. Thank you - Sophie

Cheryl was amazing! Made us feel so relaxed and confident about birth. I'd highly recommend the hypnobirth course :) xxx - Leah & Dave

The hypnobirth classes with Cheryl really helped to take away the fear I had about giving birth. I had a very positive experience when my baby girl arrived because I had the tools i needed to stay calm. Before meeting Cheryl I believed labour was going to be difficult but I now tell people that you can have a great experience! - Nicole & Craig

My husband and I completed The Hypnobirthing course with Cheryl prior to the birth of our daughter last year. I suffer from anxiety and as she is our first child I didn’t know what to expect. We chose Cheryl over a more local provider because I thought because Cheryl was a midwife she would have more accurate/up to date knowledge and be able to answer a larger range of questions than a non medical provider. Cheryl didn’t disappoint, she is a kind empathetic upbeat person who made the course fun and immediately put you at ease when discussing somewhat scary ideas. I always felt comfortable to ask any question on my mind, and knew I would get an honest answer. I was drawn to the course because it was more holistic and whilst it’s primary focus was hypnobirthing there was a lot of time to discuss the Biology of birth and also how to care for a new baby. Both my husband and I left the course feeling more comfortable and relaxed about the prospect of birth. My darling daughter took us by surprise when my water broke at 33 weeks but I think it is part due to my hypnobirthing experience that neither my husband or I panicked we calmly showered (I even dried my hair and put some makeup on whilst breathing through my contractions) before we drove to hospital. Unfortunately when we arrived I was rushed into surgery as my baby was in distress and ended up have a emergency c section under a general anaesthetic. From the moment they hit the alarm button and all the dr rushed in my anxiety levels shot through the roof and I was shaking and it was at this point I really focused on my breathing to try and calm myself for the five minutes or so before I was under. In class with Cheryl we worked on something called up breathing and I used the hot air balloon visualisation and that’s what got me through. I would thoroughly recommend the course, even though we had a c section it was still very useful and a great bonding tool with your partner during pregnancy as well. - Emma