‘Cheryl has the sort of calming, positive energy that every woman needs to surround herself with during pregnancy! ' - Rachel


Private Hypnobirthing Course

In the comfort of your own home


  • How the mind and body work during birth - hormones, physiology and the stress response 
  • What to expect in the different stages of labour and the mechanics of birth
  • The role of the birth partner and how they can best support you
  • How to create a calm and nurturing environment for birth 
  • Breathing techniques to promote calmness and control
  • How to use hypnosis scripts with your partner and relaxation MP3s in pregnancy to achieve deep relaxation for birth
  • Learn visualisation techniques to relax and focus the mind for birth 
  • Daily affirmations to boost your confidence 
  • How to choose your birth preferences and which place of birth is right for you?
  • Active birth positions and why they make such a positive difference to your birth
  • Aromatherapy for birth. Learn how to safely use oils for massage, baths and compresses in labour.
  • Five massage techniques for labour and birth to soothe, comfort and reassure 
  • My best midwifery tips for a straightforward and positive birth


  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves 
  • Three relaxation MP3S 
  • Course workbook
  • Ongoing support from me by email and phone until baby arrives


In the comfort of your own home, so you can really relax. 


  • Anytime after your 20 week scan. 


  • Absolutely yes! You will learn everything you need to know on the course about hypnobirthing and most importantly how to manage labour on the day!! But I don’t include any information on pharmacological pain relief options, medical intervention, baby care, infant feeding or baby first aid so you may wish to book those classes elsewhere with the NHS or Bump and Baby Club www.bumpandbabyclub.com 

ANYMORE QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO ASK! Please email or call me to discuss dates and to book a private course. I teach privately between 10-6pm on any day of the week. 

Cheryl was very friendly and approachable from day one and really put me at ease. My husband and I both attended the hypno-birthing classes and her knowledge and passion for a natural birth was apparent. She has really helped us prepare for the new addition in our family and we both now look forward to the birth with excitement rather than the nerves we had previously. I cannot thank you Cheryl enough for the support and guidance throughout my pregnancy and I would strongly recommend her class to anyone who is wanting to be at ease with a natural birth’.