What does the course teach?


I have used my experience as a midwife and antenatal education teacher to provide you with all the tools you need for a calm, comfortable and positive birth.

This includes

  • Hypnotherapy and relaxation  - why your mind is just as important as your body in birth
  • What to expect in the different stages of labour and birth - including hormones and physiology 
  • Why your birth partners are so important and how they can support you during birth
  • How to create a calm and nurturing environment for birth 
  • Hypnosis scripts, visualisations, hypnosis anchors and affirmations - how practising these will help you to achieve deep relaxation and therefore promote the best birth possible on the day
  • How to decide your birth preferences and which place of birth is right for you
  • Active birth positions and why they make such a positive difference to your birth
  • Aromatherapy for birth. Learn how to safely use oils for massage, compresses in labour, baths and make a bespoke massage oil to take home
  • Massage techniques for labour and birth to comfort and reassure 
  • Medical assistance - what's involved, what are your options and when is it needed. We will cover some scenarios in this section such as pharmacological pain relief, induction of labour and assisted/caesarean birth
  • Bonding with your baby in pregnancy and after birth
  • Postnatal wellbeing - caring for yourself after birth
  • Practical baby care - nappy changing, bathing, cord care, safe sleeping, knowing the signs of a well and thriving baby
  • Infant feeding - breastfeeding and formula feeding
  • Relaxation for parenthood - adjusting calmly to your new family life

Hypnosis and good evidence based antenatal education is powerful and can improve your knowledge, perception and experience of birth and the postnatal period.
Preparing your mind as well as your body for birth and parenthood, is essential to help keep the balance and enjoy this amazing time in your life.